Local Landscapes

by Kathleen McDonough &

Kate Graham Heyd

All artwork is available to purchase in the

gallery or by phone (978) -369-4400.  


Meet Kathleen McDonough...

"As a realist painter living and working in New England, I am continually inspired by the diversity of subject matter combined with the different qualities of light.  I paint in oils with expressive brush strokes in a painterly realism style.  Using vibrant colors and complex shadow patterns, I try to capture the essence of a certain time of day and to describe the elusive feeling of quietness and a sense of place.  I find that everyday scenes can be spiritually uplifting when caught in a special moment in time, bathed in light and filled with silence.  I want to lure the viewer in to experience the day, the place, and the moment.

I studied painting at the Monserrat School of Art in Beverly, Massachusetts, and I am a member of art associations, museums, and unions.  My paintings are in many corporate collections in the New England Area and in private collections worldwide."

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Meet Kate Graham Heyd...

"In my life, I see change as inevitable, but feel that nature’s beauty remains constant. I feel a connection with the earth that comes from the surrounding woods and lakes, the expansive skies, and the continuous ebb and flow of the ocean.  Painting allows me to share my view of the natural world and the beauty that I find there. By replacing the colors that I find in nature, I offer the viewer a new perspective and a realization that change can be a positive opportunity. In my work, I endeavor to creatively convey my connection with nature, hoping that the viewer will identify with the painting and, for that moment, be surrounded in color and light.

My works are exhibited in various galleries and juried shows throughout Boston's MetroWest communities.  My paintings and photographs are in private collections from the northeast and the mid-west to the west and beyond. As well as painting,  I currently work at Artisans Way Gallery in Concord, MA. I have managed several galleries during my time in Pittsburgh and have served as the director of the non-profit arts organization, Cultural Arts Alliance in Hopkinton, MA (now the HCA.)"

*Please click on individual images for a full view, dimensions, and price information.


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Artisans Way

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(978) 369-4400


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