Wondrous Watercolors

by Mike Driscoll & Marla Greenfield

All artwork is available to purchase in the

gallery or by phone (978) -369-4400.  


Meet Mike Driscoll...

"I don't wait for inspiration to move me.  I have been doing this long enough to know it is just about putting my butt in a chair and getting to work.  I paint nearly every day even when I don't want to.  That being said, at other times inspiration stalks me and won't let me rest until I at least try.  Often I fail and that's ok.  Then I'm off to create something else.  That something else does not have to be watercolor landscapes.  I can scratch the creative itch fashioning a sculpted beast, or wrestling some stone into a wall or the simple act of properly stacking firewood."

*Please click on individual images for a full view, dimensions, and price information.


Meet Marla Greenfield...

American Watercolor Society Signature Member

"I am drawn to watercolors because of the transparency and luminosity I can achieve with them. I paint primarily to depict the beauty of light and the delicacy of the medium enables me to capture the range of variations in value and color that light reveals, from striking to subtle. The objects themselves are primarily an excuse to paint the light that plays off their surfaces.


For me, light is often defined by the absence of paint, the white of the paper, offset by rich shadow shapes and a wide range of values. I start wet into wet, allowing the colors to merge and bleed beautifully on the paper, letting them do what they do best. I use numerous glazes to produce rich darks. The luminosity of the paint allows earlier layers to show through, revealing an exceptional glow. I often like to zoom in on my subjects, producing intimate portraits, closely drawing the viewer in. These include florals, still lifes, interiors, doorways and windows. I paint things that I find beautiful, situations I find peaceful and calming. I wish to bring those feelings to the viewer."

*Please click on individual images for a full view, dimensions, and price information.


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